Making education accessible to marginalized children


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The Context

The Roma settlement in Ano Liosia stands as one of Greece's most populous communities, hosting approximately 3,000 residents. Recent studies underscore the challenges faced by this community due to its nomadic nature and the paramount focus on survival. In this context, education takes a backseat, resulting in elevated illiteracy rates that perpetuate a cycle of poverty and social exclusion among the Roma.

The Challenge

The "Petalouda" team confronts the unique task of operating in an environment where the education of children isn't given top priority. In a society rooted in tradition, where survival is the ultimate goal, families often compel their children to work for their very survival. However, these children, lacking formal education and armed with minimal resources, are expected to integrate into society from a disadvantaged position, making it challenging for them to assimilate or alter their social standing in the future.

Our Approach

"Petalouda" operates as an educational and training center for both children and adults in the Roma settlement of Ano Liosia. The center establishes crucial links between families and local schools, easing the transition of children into formal education. Through study groups, the center assists children in meeting their academic obligations. For adults, the focus extends beyond basic education, encompassing the acquisition of specialized skills, empowering them for future professional endeavors.